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Student Loans in India

Due to the increased number of self aided colleges and growing number of students wanting to do technical courses, education loans for students in India have become common. Due to an increased number of jobs in the private sector and also placement facilities on campus more and more students no longer have to depend on their parents alone to fund their higher education. They can take student loans from any other the banks that offer student loans in India.

Loans are not only easy to get but also exempt from tax for 8 years from the year the parents or student starts to repay the loan or for the duration the loan is in effect, whichever is more. Loans are taken for higher studies in India as well as abroad. We have given you a rough guide for, how to get education loans for engineering or medical colleges and other courses.

Loan Against Property

As the name says it all, loan against property is the loan a person gets from the bank or financial institution against the mortgage on his property

Loan against property is the best answer to deal with all kinds of funding requirements. It is one of the most preferred options for: acquiring a new asset, vehicle, business development,commercial ventures, etc.

Many individualsoften prefer the loan by mortgaging the house property is far better than a personal loan in Chennai and rest of the country. Reason is a loan against property is one of the cheapest retail loans after home loans. Since the rate of interest is lower, Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) turning out cheaper than any kinds of loans. More importantly, another added advantage of Loan Against Property is that the maximum loan eligibility is determined primarily by the value of the property and income. So, the borrower in Chennai or any part of the country, the loans will be distributed according to the value of the property

Loan Against Property based on rental income

Loan Against property at lesser rate of interest

Private Finance in Chennai Against Property

Private Finance against land in Chennai