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Nainital Bank Educational Loans

The Nainital Bank Limited (NBL), also recognized as Nainital Bank is a private Indian bank, located in Nainital since many years. Bank has many branches in Uttar Pradesh and especially in Uttarakhand State, and has over 100 branches in Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana states.

To attain higher and quality education, the Nainital Bank offers education loan under the scheme of Siksha.
Maximum Loan Amount: Rs. 7.50 lac for education in India.
Rs. 15.00 lac for education in abroad.
Requirement: Loan for up to Rs. 4 lac there is no collateral and no guarantee.
Above Rs. 4 lac and up to 7.5 lac - Satisfactory guarantee is required.
Above Rs. 7.5 lac - Collateral security of suitable value
Repayment: As settled with the concerned The Nainital Bank Ltd branch.